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  Getting Started 

  •   System Requirements
  • Before you begin registration, you must be sure you have a compatible browser. You must be sure you have a Java Run Time Addition (JRE) on your computer and that you are using a Windows operating system. Select Check Browser option or watch video for step by step instructions.  Check Sytem Requirements

  •   Registering with the State of Illinois
  • In order to login and access the myHFS Web applications, a State of Illinois Digital Identity is required. For new users, obtaining a State of Illinois Digital ID is a one-time process where you will enter Illinois-based information from your Drivers License / state identification card. During this process, you will create a User Name and Password for access to the myHFS Web applications. If you have your Drivers License / state identification card with you, this process should only take a few minutes. If you do not live in Illinois, you may still apply for an Illinois digital identity. Use the 'Register' option in the left menu to begin this process.

    If you already have a State of Illinois Digital Identity, you can use your already established User Name and Password to login.

    For step by step video instructions watch Getting Your User Name and Password Video.

  •   Registering With the Department of Healthcare and Family Services
  • Once you have successfully completed the Illinois Digital Identity registration, you will need to login to the myHFS site at and select the 'Login' option in the left menu. After logging in for the first time, you will be asked to fill in some basic contact information on the myHFS Registration Page.

    After completing the myHFS Registration, you will be taken to your myHFS Home Page. This is the page you come to every time you login to the myHFS site. This will list the myHFS Web applications that you are authorized to use.

  •   Registering To Use Specific HFS Applications

    The Internet Electronic Claims (IEC) System

    The IEC System allows authorized users to check recipient eligibility, and upload and download HIPAA-compliant files. To use the IEC System, you must complete MEDI Registration and Authorization. 

    - MEDI Registration and Authorization

    The MEDI application requires that you register before you can be authorized to use the IEC system. There are four types of MEDI registration and authorization processes. These are for:

  • Providers
  • Payees
  • Other Businesses
  • Employees
  • The first three of these are for businesses while the fourth is for individuals that are employed by the businesses. Individuals may register as many times as necessary to obtain the proper authorization.

    To see step by step instructions for the provider registration watch Register Your Provider Video.

    Please visit the MEDI training page to learn more about this process. For a comprehensive look at registration and authorization, review the MEDI Help Documentation.

  •   Your Privacy
  • When you register to use these applications, you will be asked for personal and work-related information. Please review our Privacy Policy to see how we will protect the privacy of any data you provide us.

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